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Okusi Istre Wine bar & Bottle shop will indulge you with a supreme selection of wines created with love by winemakers from all around Istria, olive oils made by award-winning Istrian olive-oil producers, local honey, truffle delicacies and much more.

140 Istrian wines, 25 Istrian olive oils

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Okusi Istre Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

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Okusi Istre

Introduction - Who we are

Okusi Istre Wine bar & Bottle shop is a tasting and sales salon offering a wide selection of wines from the most important wine producers in Istria, olive oils from award-winning Istrian olive growers, honey, truffle delicacies, liqueurs of character and much more.  

Come and visit us and you will receive a daily dose of natural Istrian antioxidants!


Istria is the largest peninsula in the northern Adriatic. Most of it belongs to Croatia, a smaller part to Slovenia and the smallest part to Italy. Istria has a colorful history, where different worlds met. It is now a popular tourist destination, especially among guests from Central Europe. The most important cities of Istria, which touch the outskirts of Trieste to the north-west and the city of Rijeka to the east, are Koper, Izola and Piran in Slovenia, Muggia in Italy and Umag, Porec, Rovinj and Pula in Croatia. 

The wealth of Istria

Istria is an extremely rich region in terms of gastronomy. The most important crops are wine, olive oil, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables. Fishermen bring high quality fish and other seafood to the dock. The Istrian lowlands are rich in beneficial wild herbs and noble truffles that thrive in magical forests, which is why fans of this delicacy come to Istria in autumn.

Slovenian Istria

In the northwest of Istria, Slovenia has access to the Adriatic Sea. Along the shoreline of just 48 kilometers and in its hinterland, diligent locals have created a recognizable land of hundreds of faces and flavors. In the streets and alleys of ancient cities with a long Venetian tradition, there are numerous bistros and taverns serving traditional dishes based on local ingredients and wine from the nearby hills. The main gastronomic products of Slovenian Istria are wine and olive oil, which also significantly determine the cultural landscape in which vineyards and olive groves intertwine.


There are over 1,800 hectares of vineyards in Slovenian Istria. They extend from the shores of the sea on Debeli Rtič through low hills to rather high plains in the interior of the peninsula. Slovenian Istria is the hottest Slovenian wine region. Rich and sunny wines are produced here, whether it is black Refosco or fragrant Istrian Malvasia. The latter was historically produced as an orange wine, and today many winemakers are returning to this tradition. Wine producers in the Italian and Croatian parts of Istria have a similar variety, where part of the vineyards are located on red, iron-rich soil.

Olive oil

There are about 2,000 hectares of olive groves in Slovenian Istria. Olive growing is a very ancient activity that has experienced a rebirth in the last three decades. Many families strive for the highest quality of production, as evidenced by the awards from prestigious international competitions. Istria has been declared the best olive-growing region in the world for several consecutive years by the important international guide Flos Olei! Slovenian Istrian extra virgin olive oil is the first Slovenian crop to be designated as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in the European Union.

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